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Your local Home Removal Company Based in Redditch

Looking for a professional, reliable and affordable house and office removal company in Redditch? Look no more. At REDDITCH REMOVALS 24/7,
we move everything! We can take on difficult tasks such as piano and heavy objects removal, or a small local home or business removals, or a long distance removal cross regions. We are all licensed and insured with a great crew, and we are committed to giving you the best and the most reliable removal services in Redditch and Worcestershire region.

We have a great deal of local knowledge and valuable moving experiences to ensure that your needs are well catered for. From business removals to home removals to relocations, we guarantee quality services and the safety of your possessions. Not only does our insurance policy acts as a safety net for any unforeseeable incidents, but the services provided by our highly trained and dedicated team ensure that everything is handled with care and professionalism from start to finish.


For moving houses, we offer a comprehensive set of services including packing services, insurance, secure storage, among others. Home removals are delicate because they involve moving a lot of sentimental belongings. We take pride in knowing that our services are much appreciated when they are offered with care and love. Our dedicated professionals pack every item as if it were their own. We also ensure that everything is loaded and unloaded with extra care to prevent damages. In case you need storage services, you will be provided with the best storage facilities tailored to suit your needs.


Our team provides a helping hand for your business by moving it to a new location in the UK. We have a good track record and positive feedbacks from many customers over the years. This gives us the confidence to facilitate a safe and smooth move for your business. We understand that business removals require efficient packing, loading, moving, and unloading. And we ensure that our customers are always satisfied by providing only the best services and exceeding their expectations. Regardless of the size of your business, we can help you move at competitive and affordable rates.


Relocations are very sensitive. A lot of planning and preparation is involved upfront to ensure that the entire relocation process will take place smoothly and efficiently. Our team of experts make sure that every move is tailored to suit our customers’ needs. It is our top priority that you will have constant communication access to our staff in charge, that sensitive equipment is taken care of, that the inventory is kept safe, and that every fragile object is transported with extra care. As a reputable company, we ensure that every step along the way is well planned and executed professionally according to the highest industrial standards.


Garages and Lofts to full and cluttered houses

Whenever the time comes to find a bigger or more affordable location, there are a variety of small but time consuming tasks that must be completed, and chances are they are also the last things on earth that a busy business person or homeowner wants to do. Among these solutions are disposing of unwanted items or trash and making sure that there are no important elements left behind. In these days of identity theft and environmental awareness, a professional house clearance and disposal service can add convenience and peace of mind to those with too much on their plate.

At Redditch Removals 24/7, we can help you with your home or office clearance needs by safely disposing of all the materials that you leave behind. Important company documents or personal finance information could easily fall into the wrong hands. This can be easily overlooked since you have more important things to worry about such as setting up a new home or keeping your business functional through the stress of moving. Our staff are trained to look for and take care of things you might forget about, and as such, we free you up to work on things of more importance.

Another area where our house clearance team can help is that we can keep you mindful of any legal changes that you need to know in how to make disposals. With so much emphasis currently being placed on the environment, moving from one location to another or beginning construction jobs require more attention to details, especially when it comes to compliance. By adhering to standards set forth by governmental agencies, you not only steer clear of potential fines and legal action, but you also help preserve this land for another generation.

A third area where a professional house clearance service is absolutely essential is with recycling. From time to time, government agencies may issue incentives for recycling, and while you can benefit from those as they become available, the knowledge that you are reusing materials that can help other people and the world at large is simply good karma.

The fourth area where our house clearance services can become handy is with the matter of assessing risk. Clearance is simply too big of a job for you to notice every little detail on your own. We can help you discover, before action is ever taken, the possible physical and financial risks that your family or business could encounter in a move. With our support, it is hard to justify going it alone. Take a load off your mind and leave the responsibility to the pros! .

Man & Van

Need Man & Van Service ?

A small scale moving can be just as stressful as a large scale moving. This is why we offer a more cost-efficient man with a van service to those who are in need. With our services, you no longer have to make friends with people who lift weights in the gym in hope that they will help you with your moving. Our man with a van services come along with all the help you need at a very affordable rate.
Our fleet of vehicles is highly equipped to ensure that our customers’ needs are efficiently catered for. We take pride in our high standards of cleanliness and safety, because our company policy emphasises that our vans must be regularly check and cleaned. These vans are fully equipped with three passenger seats, navigation systems, trolleys, ties and blankets. They are spacious and suitable for almost any item, large or small. We understand that finding a quality, reliable man with a van service can be quite hectic, especially if you are new to the region. This is why we strive to make sure that our service are always affordable, efficient, reliable, and safe, no matter for our existing clients or to the new.
Our professional movers are full-time employees who will help you load the van with incredible skill and timeliness. We offer outstanding customer services so that you can rest assured that your items will be safely delivered to their new destination. Our man with a van services are well suited for students, young professionals with a few suitcases and simple pieces of furniture from places such as Facebook Marketplace, IKEA, B&Q, Ebay etc..

Extra Services

Packing , DIY , Furniture assembly and disassembly .

Packing and preparation service.

Moving is exciting, until you start packing. You can convince yourself that it is time to throw away some old, unused stuff, but at the end of the day, more is still left to pack. The packing must be done. This part of the process can be tedious, overwhelming, daunting, and time-consuming. It is why a professional packing service might be a good choice for those who have a busy schedule, and are looking for an extra hand when it comes to moving and packing.

The most challenging cases are those involving the valuables. Any damage would be very detrimental and costly to our customers. However, we have a solid, proven track record to be the most reliable, trustworthy moving partner in the region. Throughout the years, we have dealt with numerous customers who have valuable possessions - from antiques to delicate china kitchenware. All of them have been delivered safely and securely without any damage. We have developed a special set of packing techniques in-house. Our professional team knows exactly what materials to use and how to pack each and every object with special care and efficiency. When it comes to packing fragile pieces such as bows, cups and glasses, they are wrapped with special tissues offered by us. We provide extra blankets to minimise the effect of potential knocks during the moving process, in particularly, for large items such as furniture. Our packing services always come in clearly marked boxes to ensure that your moving experience is as organised as possible, and all the loading, unloading is done by our experts who have tremendous knowledge and experiences in the moving businesses.

In addition, we take pride in being able to offer a wide range of insurance policies at very competitive rates for our customers, thanks to our long-term partnerships with a number of reputable insurance companies in the region. Even it rarely happens, in case of damage, all your valuables will be properly compensated. We hope that these insurances will offer you extra peace of mind, when it comes to moving sensitive objects or your valuables.

We understand that most of our customers have busy schedules, and this is why we make our packing services available on weekdays, evenings, and weekends, without extra costs. We ensure that our packing services are available for all types of movings, from office moves, home moves, to student moves, or commercial moves, in Redditch and beyond. Depending on the amount of work involved, you can get an estimation of the overall costs by reaching us via a phone call or an email today. We make sure that whatever we offer to you will be the most suitable options according to your needs and your budget.

Furniture assembly and disassembly.

Everyone loves the idea of moving, but when you have pieces of furniture that needs assembly or disassembly, all the excitement you had is gone in a second. Furniture assembly and disassembly is not as fun it may seem like, and it can be frustrating if not handled properly. We offer a special service for those who do not deem themselves as an "inborn handyman". We have had years of experiences in dealing with all kinds of furniture: from tables, beds, wardrobes, cupboards, sofas, to even shelves on the wall. We believe that the size of your door should not dictate the pieces of furniture you can have in your house, and nothing is impossible to the willing heart!

These are just some of the additional services that are made available, but we are always ready to go beyond our scope of work if we can assist you any further. If you have specific questions or requirements, why not contact us directly via a phone call or an email? You have nothing to lose but a five minutes' conversation with a super friendly agent who is keen to help.

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